Considerations for Effective Treatment

Kangal Balıklı Kaplıcası

    • Drink as many glasses of water as you can (at least 2 glasses) in the morning on an empty stomach.
    • The patient, who has drunk the healing water of hot spring and has a full stomach, starts his/her treatment with mineral-rich healing water and doctor fish.
    • Doctor fish start to play their role along with the healing water where 'Selenium' that is known to be the most effective for psoriasis is abundant.
  • Unique 'Doctor Fish' that live in 37 C water (fish cannot live in water above 28 C temperature according to science) are categorized into three groups depending on their duties.
    • The treatment period recommended by doctors is 21 days. The patient stays in the pool for 4-6 hours in total in two sessions a day.
    • 'Ear Plug' should be worn for entry to the pool.
    • Alcohol is not recommended during the treatment period.
    • Avoid using any medicament for psoriasis during the treatment period. It is allowed to use moisturizer. (You can benefit from Dermosel products made of selenium water of our Hot Spring as a moisturizer). Psoriasis patients who follow the rules leave the Hot Spring with almost 100% result.