Kangal Balıklı Kaplıcası

Our hot spring offers four types of accommodation. It has a total capacity of 270 beds with three suit rooms. There are 6 pools in our hot spring, one of which is semi-olympic.

Two indoor pools and two outdoor pools are used for treatment purposes. Two outdoor pools are used for entertainment and relaxation other than treatment.

Our other facilities are restaurant, market, tea garden, children's playground, mini soccer pitch, open parking lot, first aid unit etc.

Tubular passage is available for pools for unfavorable weather conditions. We have food and beverage automated machines.

Our pools and hot spring are open for 12 months of the year. We have special transfer service with seat insurance from every point across Turkey.

We have also suitable spaces for caravans and daily recreation spots. Our hot spring facility organizes daily trips to promote Sivas and its vicinity.

Hot spring water runs in our rooms as well. Our rooms have central underfloor heating. Foreign tourists who visit our facility from all around the world return to their country happily.